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Portrait artists, John & Terry Reimer have had a long time love for classic realism figurative art. Both started drawing and painting at an early age and have continued to do so throughout their lives. Their styles are similar in many ways, so much so that sometimes they will even collaborate on the same painting. Both artists’ styles and methods have been deeply influenced by the old masters like Sargent, Bouguereau and Rembrandt.
John & Terry have been studying life drawing and painting with several living master painters in workshops and classes over the years. Additionally, Terry attended the prestigious School of Representational Art, an atelier located in Chicago, Il, a school entirely dedicated to training artists in the methods of the old masters.

The couple's passion for excellence, their belief in creating enduring art with a timeless quality and their love and great respect for many of the great portrait artists before them is evident in all of their work.